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“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.”

— Henry David Thoreau

I love quotes. Especially the ones from over a hundred years ago. They show how, even as so much has changed, the challenges and life questions remain the same at the core. We all want to improve ourselves in our personal as well as our business lives. Sometimes we need to take that leap and get out of our comfort zone.

My last blog was about procrastination and since it was almost 2 months ago . . . well enough said. The intention for this blog was to have it ready and published to coincide with the start of 2017. I am a week late but I am here writing this now.

What are your goals for 2017? How do you intend to approach them? Some people are planners and have things mapped out. They set concrete goals – and then they meet them. Others (me) have an idea of what direction they want to head but don’t function well under the structured approach. And this is why my “New Year 2017” blog is a week late!

But that is okay. We all are individuals and have to find our own way. My goals for this year are:

Be Happy

— Being happy means I will not berate myself for not having a strict schedule and sticking to it.

Learn New Things

— This year I have committed to learning new technologies and have signed up for a course in WordPress plugin development, another in CSS Animations, and one for UX principles.

Be Generous

— I would love to create a child theme for animal rescues and donate proceeds to rescue shelters.

Be Fearless

— In mid-December of 2016, I took a huge leap of faith and agreed to be interviewed by Eileen Lonergan of Elegant Marketplace. The interview was recorded and released on their YouTube channel a few weeks later. I am not comfortable being in front of a camera or in front of people. It was scary and I was nervous but knowing that if I really want to continue doing this work I had to put myself out there. Luckily Eileen is a natural at this and within minutes she had me at ease. It truly felt like a conversation between friends. It took being fearless to take advantage of the opportunity and oddly enough, I survived! You know what they say about the fear of the unknown. I want to be FEARLESS!

Wishing you all the best this year has to offer. I hope you have a chance to be fearless too.